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My sincerest thanks goes out to all the readers who took their time out of their busy lives to check out my project. Special thanks goes out to Family And Friends who took it upon themselves to support me both spiritually and financially.

An extra special thanks goes out to my partner in crime Matthew Wolfbane  for his creative contributions as well as helping me with the writing aspect. And also to Musa-The-Guardian for giving me tips on how to draw canines/other creatures and Tipsy for being a master proofreader . :)

Lastly, I would like to thank My Patreon Supporters for directly funding my project so that it can flourish and grow over time (and helping me pay for groceries so I don't starve!)

MY PATRONS (past and present)

  • Eunsol Cho

  • Jim Vox

  • Matthew Wolfbane

  • un sig cho

  • Youngsunlee 

  • Yslee

  • Sarah Lyu 

  • Jung Eun Lee 

  • Christina P

  • Hexxy

  • Olly

  • Finn Maxwell

  • Jisoo Lee

  • Kim Hye-Jin

  • Blackmothwitch

  • SeiranXL

  • Jaydii

  • BooBoo MUengineer

  • omndragon

  • Knuxtiger4

  • Allen T

  • DasGurkenglas

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